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Stefanie Glick, MSS, MA, CPS


Member, Dramatists Guild of America
Winter's Wife (or, Persephone's Plot)
When famed Orpheus travels to the Underworld to reclaim his dead bride Eurydice, he unfortunately finds she’s been seduced; and well, let’s just say...all hell breaks loose!  


       Propelled by grief’s full force, and armed with art,
       he breaks the earth to heal his broken heart.
      Then pleasing Hades with his song of strife,
      he woos the coldest king, and winter’s wife...


Written in rhyme, this hard-to-categorize dark-comedy – at the intersection of Classical theatre, contemporary opera and the American musical – sheds surprising new light on the personalities and motives of these age-old characters. 

The Death of Reason
Convinced that Reason has stood in her way of living an impassioned and satisfying life, a woman sets out on the absurd mission of hiring a hitman to commit the murder of Reason.


At the heart of this archetypical family drama, inspired by the Cain and Abel story, is a family that seems, ironically, UNdomesticated – a pack of feral dogs pitted against one another in an intimate setting. (No wonder all the characters are dressed as dogs!)
Innocent (In development) 

 1492. Rome. The Vatican. Pope Innocent VIII is dying. The Church attempts to extend his life by having him drink the blood of youth. Three ten-year-old Jewish boys are each offered a ducat to be bled. Each boy dies. The pope dies too. (Based on the hotly-contested real-life story at the origins of the medical history of blood transfusion.)